Tips When Having Dry-Ice Blasting Performed On Industrial Equipment

29 July 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When industrial equipment needs to be cleaned, dry-ice blasting is one of the more favorable methods. It is non-abrasive and also doesn't involve any cleanup. If you are hoping to take advantage of these benefits when cleaning industrial equipment, make sure you read these dry-ice blasting tips.

Make Sure There is Limited Overlap

How much you pay to have dry-ice blasting performed is dependent on the amount of media (carbon dioxide pellets) used and the time it takes professionals to finish. You'll be happy with how you are charged if you work with a dry-ice blasting company that has very minimal overlap.

This means contractors will manipulate dry-ice blasting equipment over your industrial machine in an efficient way. They won't keep going back through sections. Ample experience is required to know how much carbon dioxide pellets to apply to different portions of an industrial machine or system.

Look for Routine Maintenance Performed on Dry-Ice Blasting Machine

Special machines are required to perform dry-ice blasting on industrial machinery. You want to hire a dry-ice blasting company that does a good job at maintaining these machines. Then they'll be primed for your scheduled dry-ice blasting service, delivering the best cleaning results. 

Even simple steps like checking machines after dry-ice blasting and repairing components that have degraded over time will help this overall process get completed with minimal to no complications taking place.

Send Over Industrial Machine Data and Reports

Before a dry-ice blasting company comes out to clean an industrial machine, they should ask for meaningful data and reports on it. They help the dry-ice blasting company identify the proper cleaning methods depending on the components they are dealing with and their potential vulnerabilities.

You want to send over these reports as quickly as you can so that the dry-ice blasting company can get back to you with detailed breakdowns of their cleaning measures. At this time, they can also give you meaningful feedback on certain precautions you may need to perform prior to dry-ice blasting. For instance, you may need to move the equipment in an area that gives technicians more room to work with when cleaning. 

Industrial machines can be cleaned in an effective and safe way thanks to dry-ice blasting machines and cleaning procedures. If you work with a company offering these services that rely on carbon dioxide pellets, find out how you can ensure a successful clean beforehand.